The Knidian Aphrodite

"14. Europa's kiss is sweet though it reach only to the lips, though it but lightly touch the mouth. But she touches not with the edge of the lips; with her mouth cleaving close she drains the soul from the finger-tips.

15. Where is now Praxiteles? Where are the hands of Polycleitus, that gave life to the works of ancient art? Who shall mould Melite's scented ringlets, or her fiery eyes and the splendour of her neck? Where are the modellers, the carvers in stone? Such beauty, like the image of a god, deserved a temple."

RUFINUS, From the Greek Anthology, book V, Loeb Ed.

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Archaeological Museum of Eretria:

The first building for the archaeological museum of Eretria was built in 1961 in order to house the finds from the area that until then were stored in a small warehouse in Eretria. The most important finds included the sculptures from the west pediment of the temple of Apollo that until then had been moved to the Archaeological Museum of Chalkis, while others had been moved to the National Archaeological Museum for their safety. A great number of important finds from the site of Eretria were also smuggled abroad and are now in various foreign museums.

The museum was renovated during a period between 1983-1991 and a new wing was added to accomodate the continuing excavations that were also performed in association with the Swiss School of Archaeology and the British School. The site and the museum are under the IA’ (11th) Ephorate of Antiquities.

The museum of Eretria has many beautiful and important exhibits, but it suffers a bit in the way all these are displayed. Museums attached to archaeological sites are not uncommon in Greece. Most of these structures were built rather hastily in order to accomodate excavations and protect the sites from further looting by putting effectively their presence as a seal of origin to these artifacts. Naturally with the progress of excavations the collection would expand and many exhibits that to my opinion would need a display all to themselves, or even a seperated area, are getting lost within the confined space.

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Syncretism Cesar Santos

"I conceive pictures that represent my deepest and most irrational perceptions. Through this I aspire to show images that transmit the impression of paintings of the past, but are imbued with contemporary, fresh concepts as well as my own personal philosophy.

My artistic energy drives me to arrange elusive figures and objects in conceptual designs, yet rendering them in a believable and convincing way. I bring both worlds - theoretical and naturalistic - into communion: taking objects out of their natural context to create a new environment for them, a new reality or world for us”


Edouard Manet, The Blonde with Bare Breasts. 1878, oil on canvas. Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France. 


Edouard Manet, The Blonde with Bare Breasts. 1878, oil on canvas. Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.